Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big Bend YLC

I love Alpine, Texas. I can't believe that it's been
5 years since my last visit. Last night, I finally
had the energy (after a pretty hellish trip out here)
to make my way to the store for some much needed
supplies. On my way back from the local IGA, I stopped
into Harry's Tinaja for a pint. 

Bartender was from Puerto Rico, moved around a lot,
working for the Hard Rock as a store opener.
She worked as a tour guide in Big Bend for several years,
buying some property in Terlingua and decided to move
up to Alpine when she tired of having limited social options.

"You end up sitting around, drinking beer, so often that you 
start to think like this: '1+1=Dog.'"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Casino Burgers

I got a call from a friend, CV. I hadn't heard from him
in a few weeks since we've both been traveling a lot
throughout the summer.

As it turns out, we're both going to end up in Alpine 
for about a week. He'll be conducting training for a
large group of 9th graders from many different parts of
Texas. I--on the other hand--will be following many
of the students around for a documentary project I'm
trying to complete by Mid-September.

We decided to go for burgers. One of the best places
in Austin--as TONS of people know--is Casino El Camino.

I believe there's an art to getting a good burger there, though.

You can't go after 7, when there's a huge rush.
By then, the grill seems to accumulate a lot of residue,
which ends up on the burger. That's my theory, at least.
The impact is this, however: The burger (at that hour)
tends to get over cooked. And it ends up crispy, but krispy
in a bad way.

So, going at 5 or 5:30 is perfect. 

Monday, July 14, 2008

Zero Resolve

I was looking back over posts.
I believe I've maintained this thing since
January 2005. 

I guess I've never given enough effort to
expect anything from this.

I mean, for the entire 2006 year,
I only posted three items (all in December, I think).

Tonight, I got excited about writing down
a few long stories from 1998.

Maybe once I have some drafts of that, I'll
start posting them here.